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Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses the basics of breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Is breast reduction surgery covered by insurance? Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, may not get as much attention as breast augmentation surgery but it is actually one of the more common types of procedures performed by plastic surgeons. Generally, in breast reduction surgery, excess fat, glandular tissue and skin are removed in order for […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses why liposuction is more popular than ever today.

Liposuction: More Popular Than Ever

Liposuction is classified as a cosmetic procedure, but is it ever used for anything else? Cosmetic surgeries of all types have become increasingly popular, not only for women but for men also. In just one year, from 2017 to 2018, the number of procedures done in the U.S., alone, increased by nearly a quarter of […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses the basics of neck lift surgery.

Neck Lift Surgery

Are facelifts and neck lifts the same thing? Facelifts and neck lifts are both common cosmetic procedures and sometimes performed at the same time, but they are not the same thing. A rhytidectomy, the technical term for a facelift, is designed to smooth wrinkles and remove sagging and excess skin from the face.  Neck lift […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses how you should treat your acne.

Understanding (and Treating) Your Acne

We know breakouts are a bummer. In fact, acne is one of the more common complaints that we see in our New York facilities, and it’s something that celebrities and models are being more upfront about when discussing their own challenges. Fortunately, modern technology has allowed us to come up with some pretty advanced techniques […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses why cheap injections might not be good for you at all.

Why “Bargain” Injections Might Not Be Such a Good Deal

There’s no denying that more New Yorkers than ever are wanting cosmetic procedures, from quick fixes, like injections and facials, to major surgeries, like rhinoplasties and breast augmentations. More and more, men and women are opening up about their treatment preferences, making cosmetic alterations seem more normal than not, and it’s allowing individuals to feel […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD talks about the most common cosmetic procedure promises that are actually red flags.

Cosmetic Procedure Promises that Are Really Red Flags

In New York and beyond, cosmetic procedures, including plastic surgery, non-invasive treatments, and injections, are increasingly common. A basic online search can give you a good breakdown of your options, as well as what to expect during specific treatments. Sadly, the Internet is also full of unreasonable advice. Although many sites are well-meaning, others are […]

Can a Deviated Septum Ruin Your Social Life?

Is it possible that my frequent problems with bad breath could be caused by a deviated septum? Do you remember the last time you had bad breath? We are all susceptible. Sometimes we even make a conscious decision to risk it when we know better but still decide to order our favorite spicy food anyway. […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses the many options of laser treatment available.

Understanding Your Laser Treatment Options

If you haven’t heard, laser facial treatments are making (literal) waves in New York City and across the globe. When it comes to skincare, a lot of attention goes to topical approaches. Laser facials harness the power of technology and apply it to help improve a variety of skin concerns. There are so many options […]