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Here’s what to look for in a plastic surgeon

As plastic surgeries gain popularity, they may start to feel like they are no big deal. It’s important to remember, however, that cosmetic procedures are real surgeries and should not be taken too lightly. Researching and understanding the expertise of your plastic surgeon is just as important as researching the procedures themselves.Whether you are wanting […]

Should I get a breast lift or augmentation?

Are you are unhappy with your breasts? Are they making you feel self-conscious due to their size, shape, or sagging? Worse yet, are they causing you physical pain? Unless you’re a trained physician, differences in various breast procedures might feel a little unclear, and that is understandable. Over the years, we’ve seen some changes in […]

Brazilians embrace plastic surgery, so why do we shy from it?

For some reason, New Yorkers, and Americans in general for that matter have a lot of opinions when it comes to cosmetic surgery. For the most part, procedures are kept hush-hush. That’s why tabloids love to talk about celebrities who have had breast augmentation and nose jobs, why Hollywood writers include plot twists with dramatic […]

Three ways cosmetic surgery can change your life (for the better!)

When you hear the words “plastic surgery,” you might think of dramatic transformations and extreme makeovers for celebrities who get paid to look good. But that’s not always the case. Cosmetic surgeries are often more than just skin deep. Sometimes, being surrounded by images of flawless models — in movies, magazines, billboards in New York’s […]

Surprise! There’s a cosmetic procedure for that

Have you ever looked at a friend, family member, coworker, or stranger and wondered just how it is that he constantly looks so fit and trim? Or how he never seems to age? Or how he just looks so … confident? Certainly, individuals put time and effort into special routines to look the way that […]

Male cosmetic surgery: What are you waiting for?

From nose jobs and Botox to breast reductions and liposuction, rates of cosmetic surgery among males have been steadily increasing in recent years, growing by 325 percent since 1997. What’s behind this trend? Perhaps it’s the renewed sense of confidence that comes with an updated look. When it comes to appearances, our society (especially in […]

Is a male breast reduction right for me?

Nearly half of all men have gynecomastia, a condition where fat and glandular tissue are localized in the breasts. In New York and beyond, breast reductions are becoming increasingly more common among men. Each man has his own reasons for undergoing the procedure, from embarrassment and years of bullying to competitive fitness on stage or […]

Plastic surgery for men? It’s more common than you might think

When you think of cosmetic surgery, you might imagine a bandaged woman relaxing in a posh New York loft, waiting for her recent procedure to heal. Or perhaps you picture an actress or female celebrity discussing her breast augmentation or nose job with a talk show host. While it’s true that women have been going […]

Is a tummy tuck right for me?

As more and more people, from celebrities to average Janes, come forward with stories of their personal experiences of tummy tucks, the procedure is becoming much less stigmatized. Abdominoplasties are very popular because they help flatten and shape the abdomen and waist by removing excess skin and tightening muscles. The result? A firmer tummy and […]