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Increase in selfies creates increase in plastic surgery

We all know how much society loves a good selfie. From record-breaking shots filled with celebrities and Instagram stars to silly faces snapped by friends at brunch or on the streets of New York that fill up screens on Facebook, they seem to be everywhere. Selfies are so popular that Snapchat has an assortment of […]

Fat grafting 101

These days, from New York to L.A., society is all about “that bass.” Thanks to celebs like Kim K. and Beyonce, it’s never been more on trend to embrace your curves. Hop on Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social media site packed with selfies and you’ll quickly notice the obsession with round bottoms and full […]

Breast implant fillers: what are my options?

Breast implants are one of the most popular services in my office – and they are one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgical procedures in the U.S. According to a recent article from Elle magazine, 300,000 women get breast implants each year. And, when you think about it, it’s understandable. No matter the reason […]

Should you get a nose job? Answer these questions first

From celebs to models to the average New Yorker, it seems that everyone is getting a nose job these days. The popularity of the procedure can make them seem old hat, but when it comes to surgical options, it’s important to be informed. Here are a few key things to ask yourself before getting a […]

Common misconceptions about breast augmentations

In New York and beyond, there are many rumors floating around about breast augmentations. For many, knowledge about the procedure comes strictly from movies, TV shows, and celebrity gossips sites. As you might expect, that limited exposure can lead to misunderstandings about augmentations — and what they mean for the individuals who get them. Here […]

When breasts are painful

Last summer, actress Ariel Winter, star of the hit comedy Modern Family, announced that she was going to have a breast reduction. The news came as a shock to some – why would anyone, especially a celebrity, want to reduce their breast size? For Winter, the choice was obvious. In a recent article, she noted […]

High Risk of Skin Cancer for Firefighters

Why are firefighters at increased risk for skin cancer? We all know that firefighters put themselves in harm’s way every day to protect the public. What many people don’t realize is that firefighters also assume much greater health risks than the general population. Not only are they constantly confronted with flames, toxic fumes, dangerous heights, […]

Fully Embrace Your New Look After Weight Loss

You’ve changed your eating habits, replacing sugary treats with healthy fruits and veggies. You’ve logged hundreds of hours at the gym, or running in Central Park, squeezing workouts into your already crazy routine and pushing yourself to do just one more mile. Perhaps you’ve even had a successful bariatric surgery, going under the knife, and […]

When Plastic Surgery Is Performed for the Wrong Reasons

Why is facial plastic surgery so wildly popular in South Korea? While in the United States, reputable plastic surgeons have found ways to maintain the individuality of their patients as they correct flaws or disfigurements, plastic surgeons in Korea seemed to have moved in the opposite direction. Observation of the population, particularly the wealthy population, […]

Non-Invasive Procedures to Get You Ready for Summer

Summer is almost here! With sunny skies, warmer temps, and trips out to the Hamptons or down the Jersey Shore, it’s a favorite season for many. Still, between skimpier clothes and increased sun exposure, summer can be stressful on skin and place an emphasis on areas of your body that you aren’t comfortable with. But […]