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Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses when exactly is the right time to get botox treatment.

When Is the Right Time to Get Botox?

There’s a reason Botox is so popular in New York: it works! As the average age of individuals requesting Botox keeps decreasing, there’s a lot of talk about the “right” time to have the treatment. More and more, men and women in their 20s and 30s are asking for the procedure that was once marketed […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses how your diet might be affecting your skin.

Is Your Diet Affecting Your Skin Health?

Things can get pretty hectic in New York City! In a town that never sleeps, there’s always something to do, see, or try. When life is speeding along, taking a time out to focus on what you are putting into your body can be a challenge. Still, your skin relies on you to make healthy […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD tells us how HydraFacials are good for anyone at any age.

HydraFacials Are a Good Fit for Everyone

I work with a lot of clients who are thrilled with the results our office’s HydraFacial provides. And New Yorkers are not the only people who love it. According to Allure magazine, somewhere in the world, a HydraFacial is performed every 15 seconds. That essentially amounts to 2 million treatments in a year, more than […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses how popular plastic surgery is among men.

Growing Popularity of Plastic Surgery for Men

What are the most popular plastic surgery procedures for men? Whether you believe it should be the case or not, appearance matters in our world. We place a high value on the presentation and maintenance of our homes, places of business and means of transportation. Why should it be any different with our bodies and […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses the basics of mommy makeovers.

Mommy Makeovers

Can you really regain your pre-pregnancy body with a mommy makeover? Ah, the miracle of birth! Is there anything more wondrous than bringing a new life into the world? No matter how many times you were told that pregnancy looked good on you and that you actually glowed, nine months was a long time and […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses how lip fillers can impact your life.

One More Reason to Consider Lip Fillers

Whether you are in New York, LA, or Paris, it’s clear that lip fillers are now a popular treatment for both celebrities and the average Jane or Joe. This simple technique is one of the easiest ways to get a semi-permanent plump and full pout. We see clients who have different reasons for seeking out […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD discusses the basics of microneedling procedures.


What is microneedling and what are the benefits of having it done? Does anyone like the idea of needles? Whether we’re talking about doctors using needles to give us shots to numb areas before some sort of invasive procedure, as a disease-preventative vaccination or the more recent method of dry needling used by physical therapists […]

Brian D. Cohen, MD tells us how you and your spouse can get plastic surgery together.

Yep, You and Your Spouse Can Get Surgery Together

You’ve heard of a couples’ massage. You’ve experienced a candlelight dinner for two. You know all about dealing with both the ups and downs of life with your partner. But have you ever tried “beauty matching”? Beauty matching is a trend that’s emerging in New York and beyond. As reported by Allure, it centers on […]