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Can a Deviated Septum Ruin Your Social Life?

Is it possible that my frequent problems with bad breath could be caused by a deviated septum? Do you remember the last time you had bad breath? We are all susceptible. Sometimes we even make a conscious decision to risk it when we know better but still decide to order our favorite spicy food anyway. […]

Five signs you’re ready for a breast surgery

The perfect time to have a breast procedure varies from individual to individual and circumstance to circumstance. Still, there are some sure signs that you might be ready for a breast surgery, and a few are listed below. As always, if you have any questions about your options, don’t hesitate to reach out. We want […]

Signs you’re ready for that cosmetic procedure

Whether you’re reshaping your nose, increasing your breast size, reducing fat, or something else, cosmetic procedures can be exciting! But the idea of going through with a surgery can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s important to me that my patients feel totally prepared for a procedure before it takes place. Not sure if you’re there? I’m […]

These Three Treatments Will Help Save You Time

With bustling restaurants, theaters, music venues, clubs, museums and more, New York City is one of the busiest places in the world. And we love it! There’s always something exciting taking place, and always something new to learn. We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why many of our services can provide immediate results […]

The bonuses that come with getting a facial

We have a lot of New Yorkers that come into our office for facials. There are numerous types to choose from on our menu, and the one that’s best for you often depends on the conditions you are trying to treat or minimize. For example, if you are interested in combating brown spots or an […]

All about breast reconstruction

Being told that you have breast cancer can feel absolutely devastating. The disease brings a series of challenges and difficulties for those who experience it. In some cases, a diagnosed woman will undergo a mastectomy to remove all signs of the disease and keep the cancer from spreading to other parts of her body. For […]

Yes, men can benefit from facial treatments, too

What comes to mind when you think of facial treatments? Perhaps a person with cucumbers on her eyes and cream or gel smeared from her forehead to her chin? Or maybe you picture a woman relaxing in bed, reading a beauty magazine while recovering from a nose job or facelift? Thanks to movies, TV, and […]

Why I love HydraFacials … and why I think you will, too

Have you heard about HydraFacials? If you haven’t, and you have concerns about the way your skin looks, be sure to read on. Thanks to beauty bloggers, magazine reviews, and testimonies from family and friends who have experienced them, many New York residents have come to realize the benefits of this non-surgical procedure–and now you […]

Taking off your makeup matters

If you’ve ever worn makeup, you have probably heard plenty of people tell you to be sure to remove it before you head to bed at the end of the night. In an ideal world, we would all heed this advice. Our evenings would consist of a regular routines filled with cotton balls, washcloths, cleaners, […]