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Breast Reconstruction


Breast reconstruction along with other procedures of the Breast, Face, Body, and Nose that I perform can help give you a renewed physical and emotional self-confidence. The most important first step is for us to have a consultation to discuss your concerns, needs, expectations and to answer ALL of your questions. Having a mutual understanding is valuable for your success since your well being is my main concern. – Brian D. Cohen, M.D.

Like most women, you may consider your breasts an inherent part of your identity. For this reason, losing one or both breasts to mastectomy is traumatic, changing not only your physical appearance but your underlying sense of self. Breasts, after all, are external evidence of womanhood, affirming your claim to your adult gender at puberty, dramatically affecting the way you look and your ability to nourish your young. It is not surprising, then, that if you have had your breasts removed, you are eager to undergo breast reconstruction.

Brian D. Cohen, M.D. is a plastic surgeon with impressive credentials, excellent skills, and a host of successful breast reconstructions to his credit. Dr. Cohen is an Attending Surgeon at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY and a large part of his practice focuses on breast reconstruction. From each of his offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Great Neck, he has restored a feeling of well-being and wholeness to patients who have been through mastectomies. If you reside in Nassau County, Brooklyn, or Manhattan, why not take advantage of the gifted plastic surgeon in your midst? 

If you had a mastectomy without reconstruction or are planning for such surgery to treat active breast cancer or planning for prophylactic surgery to reduce an increased risk of developing the disease because of your genetic makeup or family history, meet with Dr. Cohen to learn about your reconstructive options. This may also be true if you have had a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy.  

Once you consult with Dr. Cohen and find how seriously he takes your needs and how readily he responds to your questions, you will understand why he has a well-earned reputation for personal support as well as surgical expertise. When you take a look at his before and after pictures of reconstructed breasts, you will feel the confidence of knowing you have come to a professional with artistic as well as surgical talents. 

When should I have breast reconstruction surgery?

Dr. Cohen will be happy to work with you right after you have had a mastectomy or months to years later. Some patients prefer to wait until they feel, with a strong degree of certainty, that their cancer will not return. Others do not want to live with deformity any longer than necessary. Dr. Cohen will meet with you to discuss which path seems right for you. 

The better your health when he operates, the more likely it is that your breast reconstruction will be entirely successful and the more likely you will be to avoid postsurgical complications. Dr. Cohen will caution patients who are obese or actively smoke to consider the added risks to surgery.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

The breast may be reconstructed with implants, your own tissue, or a combination of the two. You can rest assured that there is no evidence that either type of breast reconstruction affects the recurrence of cancer. During reconstruction, Dr. Cohen creates a natural breast shape using one of the following:

  • An artificial implant filled with saline or silicone gel
  • A flap of tissue from another place on your body (known as “autologous reconstruction”)

In the case of autologous reconstruction, the tissue is moved from one area of the body to the chest wall and then tailored to reconstruct a breast.  Flap surgeries tend to be more challenging and time-consuming to perform and involve a longer recovery. Many patients want or need secondary procedures to “tweak” their own results. This may include fat grafting, a procedure during which fat is liposuctioned from another area of the body — typically the belly, thigh, or buttocks — purified and reinjected into the targeted reconstruction area. 

What about my nipple?

In some cases your nipple may have been spared during the mastectomy and may be used in the reconstruction; in other cases, Dr. Cohen will reconstruct the nipple from tissue on the reconstructed breast and the areola from a skin graft.   Some patients choose tattoos instead of surgical reconstruction.  

What about the other breast?

It should be noted that when only one breast has been removed, you should patients should consider a “symmetrizing” procedure for the native breast to improve the overall aesthetic results.   Symmetrizing procedures may include breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift.  

Breast Reconstruction for Men

It is sometimes forgotten that men, as well as women, may develop breast cancer. Male patients, too, may undergo mastectomies and may desire to have breast reconstruction in order to feel more comfortable in their own bodies. This is significant because men, like women, may have inherited gene mutations that put them at high risk for breast cancer, but are less likely to be aware of them than their female relatives. Because the general population is not nearly as familiar with the idea of male breast cancer, men often are diagnosed later and may have to have more tissue removed and more breast construction performed in order to feel whole again.

Men, like women, have every right to undergo breast reconstruction if they feel that their breast cancer surgery has left their chest wall deformed. Federal laws require that insurance plans that provide coverage for mastectomies must also provide coverage for breast reconstructions for both men and women.

Dr. Brian D. Cohen Provides One-of-a-Kind Professional Care

Plastic surgery, like all surgery, should never be taken lightly. Breast reconstruction may well be medically necessary for a particular patient’s medical and psychological recovery going forward. Dr. Cohen understands how much you want to reclaim your life after a mastectomy and how having your body feel whole and recognizable again may be an important part of the process. He will provide you with the compassion and respect you deserve while he uses his artistic talent, as well as his surgical know-how, to give you back your sense of health and well-being.

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